We are a Social Enterprise

Capodarco Formazione Impresa Sociale srl is a training body accredited by the Lazio Region

It was born from the continuous transformation of the Capodarco Roma Formazione ONLUS Association, acquiring over 15 years of experience in the training sector.

We are a non-profit organization and pursue solidarity and social utility goals in particular in the field of social and professional training of disadvantaged people.

To pursue our purposes, we mainly carry out these activities of general interest:

education, instruction and professional training, pursuant to law 28 March 2003, n. 53, and subsequent amendments, and cultural activities of social interest with educational purposes.

Our activities include in particular:

  • three-year/four-year IeFP courses for qualification and professional diploma aimed at young people in compulsory education;
  • PFI, individualized training courses aimed at young people with disabilities;
  • funded and authorized non-funded courses for continuing and higher education;
  • orientation activities and employment services;
  • as a qualified body, identification, certification and validation of skills

A question of choices

We have chosen this new corporate form in implementation of the Third Sector Reform:

  • for social strengthening adequate to achieve the objectives of consolidation and development
  • as a natural evolution following the results obtained, particularly in the last years of its activity
  • as a decisive step for a vigorous acceleration of the development plan which will bring benefits to users, employees and collaborators, both in terms of quality of service and in terms of completeness, transparency and enrichment of the training offer and initiatives to promote inclusion working, in a logic of continuity in the working method and in the values that have always distinguished Capodarco Formazione

Certifications and accreditations

As an accredited training body, we have achieved numerous certifications and accreditations, demonstrating the high professionalism and highest standards maintained.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system Sector 37

Released by Dasa-Rägister

Regional accreditations

Regione Lazio - Ente Accreditato

  • Training and orientationDD n. D0312 dated 02/04/2010 – definitive typology in the following macro-typologies: compulsory training/compulsory education and vocational education and training courses (IeFP), higher education, continuous training. Recipients special users: prisoners and former prisoners, disabled people, minors, drug addicts and former drug addicts, alcoholics, victims of prostitution and trafficking, immigrants, disadvantaged people according to regional and community legislation
  • Employment servicesDD n. G09457 dated 07/30/2015 – mandatory and specialist services for work, functional area YOU – Analysis of the training needs expressed by the labor market for the design of specialized learning paths also in work situations and VII – Planning and consultancy for the employability of disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities
  • Titled body for the provision of identification and validation services and the skills certification service - Det. n. G04979 dated 04/05/2021 and integration of data. n. G05320 dated 10/05/2021. Economic and Professional Sectors: 1) Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 16) Commercial distribution services, 21) Social and health services, 23) Personal services, 24) Common area
  • Authorized unfunded training activity (pursuant to Title V of regional law n. 23/1992 and DGR n. 254 of 06/05/2018) Det. n. G04556 dated 04/23/2021 for the OSS – OEPA – Administrative-secretarial operator, IAP, ASPP/RSPP, RSPP employer courses. Recognition of training credits for OSS and OEPA

Other accreditations

We are members of Ebirfop Lazio (Regional bilateral body for professional training) e Cenfop Lazio (Coordination of Training and Professional Orientation Bodies - regional).

Single National Register of the Third Sector

The registration of our organization at Single National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS) which took place on 21 March 2022, in implementation of the articles. 45 et seq. of the Third Sector Code Legislative Decree 117 of 3 July 2017, ensures full transparency of Third Sector entities (ETS) through the publicity of the information elements registered therein.