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CFP Saponaro

Welcome to our office!

The headquarters in Via Michele Saponaro, 20 deals with PFI - individualized training courses - aimed at young people with disabilities aged 18 and over. It is located in an independent building surrounded by greenery, in front of an important park in the Eur/Laurentina area.

The teaching of the headquarters makes great use of the outdoor space and puts the individual's personal growth at the center which, as in all Capodarco Formazione's PFIs, are characterized by training internships in a working environment. The activities inside and outside the structure are planned with attention and continuity by the teaching staff, in an organic and organized path that identifies the specificities of the individual students and supports the strengths of the personality and aspirations of each one.

Training courses for disabled young people

What are PFIs?

PFIs are courses designed specifically for disabled young people. In our case we welcome students between 18 and 29 years old and guide them on a personal journey, characterized by a real training internship in a working environment.


Via M. Saponaro, 20
00143 Rome
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+39 06 5005284
+39 06 50513380


Info PFI young people with disabilities:


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Available Courses

Individualized Training Paths – PFI


900 hours

18-29 years

CFP Gianelli (formerly Lungro), CFP Grottaferrata, CFP Saponaro