Employment services

Capodarco Formazione participates in the regional system of active employment policies.

Extracurricular internships

Capodarco Current training Extracurricular internships for people with disabilities, within the POR Lazio ESF 2014-2020 Axis I Employment.

Skills Certification

Capodarco Formazione Impresa Sociale srl is a body entitled to provide the services of identification and validation of skills e of the service of certification of skills.

Orientation activities

The orientation activity it takes place in conjunction with the various training activities carried out and is aimed at Students, Teachers and Adults.


Capodarco Training, with resolution no. G09457 dated 07/30/2015, participates in the regional system of active employment policies, guaranteeing the provision of mandatory employment services characterized by the following functional areas:

  1. Welcome and initial information
  2. First level orientation
  3. Second level specialist orientation
  4. Job supply/demand meeting and job accompaniment

And in the following employment services optional specialists:

  • Analysis of the training needs expressed by the labor market for the design of specialized learning paths also carried out in a work situation (functional area VI)
  • Planning and consultancy for the employability of disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities (functional area VII)