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CFP Grottaferrata

The Grottaferrata office deals with free PFI - Individualized Training Paths - aimed at young people with disabilities

The headquarters has a total surface area of 141 m2, has 3 classrooms (1 of which is also equipped with computer stations), 1 office for management, teaching and administration secretariat, 1 reception/interview room, a large outdoor garden.

How training courses for disabled young people work

Training courses for disabled young people are also known as PFI, i.e. Individualized Training Paths.

Young people with disabilities often encounter difficulties in finding work. This happens both in the world of work and in personal education and training. Precisely for these reasons, the professional system of the Lazio Region has established the PFI, an acronym which stands for Individualized Training Paths.

These courses are customized to the needs of the individual student, are free as they are completely financed by the Lazio Region and always include a work placement.

What are PFIs?

PFIs are courses designed specifically for disabled young people. In our case we welcome students between 18 and 29 years old and guide them on a personal journey.

How do PFIs work?

The courses for young people with disabilities are divided into three phases.

  1. Introductory interview: first it is necessary to discuss to best evaluate the candidate's possibilities and compatibility with the course activities
  2. Common route: the candidate included in the courses begins a path common to all students which covers basic skills and notions
  3. Individual path and internship: the young student is guided towards the most suitable path, also participating in a training internship that is very important for his growth


Via San Nilo, 12/Via del Grottino snc
00046 Grottaferrata
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+39 06 9411890


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Available Courses

Individualized Training Paths – PFI


900 hours

18-29 years

CFP Gianelli (formerly Lungro), CFP Grottaferrata, CFP Saponaro