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IeFP Demetriade (Beautician-Hairdresser)

Vocational education and training courses (IeFP) for Wellness Operator - Beauty and Hairstyle specialization

The headquarters in via Demetriade organizes courses for boys and girls aged 14 to 18 who have yet to complete the compulsory education cycle. Our school is characterized by large spaces, both internal and external, being able to count on specific laboratories with professional equipment for what concerns training courses (beauty and hairdressing).

The large outdoor spaces, surrounded by greenery, and the isolated and quiet context - despite being a few steps from Metro A in Arco di Travertino - favor positive teaching based on close contact between teachers and students.

The course of study in brief

The 3+1 study path is divided into a cycle of 3 years for the qualification, more 1 additional year for the diploma.

The training courses available at the headquarters are:

  • Beautician
  • Hairstyle

For each address, it is possible to obtain the following qualifications:

  • Three-year qualification Wellness Operator (first 3 years of the course)
  • Professional diploma Hairdressing Technician and Beauty Treatment Technician (fourth year)

Mechanographic Code

The mechanographic code uniquely identifies our institute at the time of registration on the Ministry's platforms.



Via Demetriade, 76
00178 Rome
(Travertine Arch)
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+39 06 70454830
+39 342 9538514

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