Training courses for disabled people

Discover the Individualized Training Paths (PFI) in Rome

From our offices in Via Saponaro, Via Gianelli and Grottaferrata we manage multiple types of free courses for young people with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 29.

How training courses for disabled young people work

Training courses for disabled young people are also known as PFI, i.e. Individualized Training Paths.

Young people with disabilities often encounter difficulties in finding work. This happens both in the world of work and in personal education and training. Precisely for these reasons, the professional system of the Lazio Region has established the PFI, an acronym which stands for Individualized Training Paths.

These courses are customized to the needs of the individual student, are free as they are completely financed by the Lazio Region and always include a work placement.

What are PFIs?

PFIs are courses designed specifically for disabled young people. In our case we welcome students between 18 and 29 years old and guide them on a personal journey. Let's see how it works!

Corsi Gratuiti per Giovani con Disabilità

Informative interview

First of all let's get to know each other

The first step to access one of our PFIs is to make contact and arrange an interview. Write to the relevant office and make an appointment to meet us: we will record the candidate's needs and do our best to include him in one of our courses.

The locations that organize courses for disabled young people are:

Common route

Let's start a path common to all young disabled people

All courses for disabled young people start from a common basic path which is then personalized according to individual needs and aspirations.

During this common path, basic general skills will be acquired, i.e. those work and communication skills that can be used for different tasks and contexts, learning what is necessary to relate to any work and social environment.

Individual path and internship

We customize the course to the needs of the young disabled person

After acquiring the basic skills, the young student is guided towards the path that best responds to their characteristics and abilities, to consolidate their self-determination also through the training internship, which takes place in a work environment compatible with the aspirations of the individual .

The Individualized Training Paths can develop on the following areas of focus:

  • IT and office work
  • Catering
  • Trade, Services and Large-Scale Retail
  • Agriculture and Gardening
  • Craftsmanship

Do you want to contact one of the reference offices?

Take the first step to access our courses for disabled young people

If you want to participate in Capodarco Roma Formazione's courses for young disabled people, contact the location that is most convenient for you at the references below!

News from the Training Centers

Discover the news on training courses for disabled young people on our blog

If you have any doubts, remember that you can always contact us!

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