Rediscover the Mediterranean diet with the Ulisse Project and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Capodarco Formazione Impresa Sociale hosts the Department of food safety, nutrition and public health of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to explore the link between food lifestyle, health and sustainability.

Our Individualized Training Courses (PFI) are professional training courses dedicated to young people with disabilities and oriented towards personal growth. For this reason, many transversal issues are treated with due importance internally, also and above all through ad-hoc partnerships, thus encouraging the training of aware citizens.

Precisely with the intention of raising awareness among the students of the CFP Gianelli on the existing relationships between well-being, nutrition and sustainability that we host at the headquarters on Ulysses Project, promoted byHigher Institute of Health (ISS).

This innovative project involves students in both theoretical and practical activities. Through the method of active involvement, they are provided with information on the labels of food products and how they are preserved, also indicating what the constituent principles of a correct and well-being-oriented diet are.

In the two meetings we will discuss the main health consequences resulting from a casual or disordered diet and, on the other hand, of the fundamental role of the diet in the prevention of certain pathologies such as, for example, diabetes: the result is a healthier lifestyle, far from that promoted by the indications of commercials and deriving from economic globalization .

This is a project that aims to rediscover the Mediterranean Diet through the recovery of healthy habits, such as eating sitting down and in company, encouraging participants to have a greater awareness of the role psycho-active that food has in improving our quality of life, without forgetting how much our choices and eating habits have an impact on the planet, also in terms of food waste.

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