The cast of “Un Professore 2” and the disabled children of the Saponaro Training Center

Last June 13th, the disabled children of the Saponaro Professional Training Center received an exciting visit: the entire cast of the successful series "Un Professore 2" came to visit, in a day of fun, autographs and demonstrations.

Alessandro Gassman, Nicolas Maupas and Damiano Gavino they met the kids from the Individualized Training Courses of Via Saponaro, who in the context of the courses for disabled young people studied the characters and contents of the series in depth, creating posters, drawings and writings.

A Professor: the series is a RAI success

Released for the first time in 2021, Un Professore is a successful RAI series with Professor Dante (Alessandro Gassman) as the protagonist, philosophy teacher at the Leonardo Da Vinci high school in Rome. Here he establishes a very particular relationship with the whole class, implementing teaching methods outside the box and resuming the relationship with his son Simone (Nicolas Maupas), student in the class where Dante teaches.

The second series was confirmed on February 13, 2023 and we are really happy that between one take and another, the cast decided to visit us at our headquarters in Via Saponaro to meet the kids from the courses for disabled people.

Photos of the meeting

Here are the photos of the event, for which we thank Banijai Studios. The author of these shots is the photographer Anna Camerlingo.

CFP Saponaro: what it does

CFP Saponaro is our professional training center located in Rome, in the EUR area, to be precise, a stone's throw from the Euroma 2 shopping center and therefore easily reachable by all public transport.

Here we organize PFIs, an acronym which stands for Individualized Training Paths.

PFIs are free courses for young disabled people

What are PFIs? These are courses for disabled young people aged 19 and over, completely free because they are financed by the Lazio Region. They are called this because the courses start from an initial phase shared between all students, and are then personalized according to the needs and aspirations of the individual, in the 4 areas of interest:

  • IT-office work
  • Catering
  • Commerce, Services and Large-scale distribution
  • Agriculture-Gardening
  • Craftsmanship

If you want to learn more about the topic, you can read this focus on PFI – free courses for disabled children.

Sign up for the free PFIs on Via Saponaro in Rome

To enroll in courses for disabled children in Via Saponaro in Rome, the first thing to do is get in touch with the structure: an interview will then be arranged with the candidate and the family to get to know each other, identify the needs and then evaluate all the possibilities of inclusion in our courses.

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