Capodarco and Zètema: internships for social inclusion

The collaboration between Capodarco Formazione and Zètema, the company that manages the cultural heritage of the city of Rome, continues to bear significant fruit in the field of inclusion and work integration. This year, the partnership has made it possible to start several internships for young people with disabilities enrolled in courses at the Via Gianelli headquarters, creating precious opportunities for their professional growth in a certainly stimulating environment.

Internship opportunities in museum contexts

Capodarco's students had the opportunity to work in different museum contexts, each with its own peculiarities and challenges. Among the places included in this initiative are the Trajan's Markets, Museum of the Imperial Forums, the Giovanni Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture, the Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi and the Villa Torlonia Museums. Each site offers a unique experience in the heart of Roman history and culture, providing interns with a unique environment, where it becomes necessary to deal with a new and interesting audience every day.

Personal Growth and Professional Development

This experience not only facilitates the acquisition of specific skills in the field of museum and cultural management, but also represents an important opportunity for personal growth for the young people involved. Working in these prestigious contexts allows interns to develop greater self-esteem and feel an active part in society, contributing in a concrete way to the cultural life of the capital.

Social Impact of Collaboration

The internship at Zètema, therefore, is not limited only to the workplace, but extends to the recognition of the social and personal value that each individual can bring. This is the same approach as Capodarco Formazione, because it is able to support the social and working inclusion of people with disabilities, demonstrating how well-structured collaborations can actually make a difference in people's lives and in the community.

Discover courses for young people with disabilities

Our PFI – Individualized Training Paths

Young people with disabilities often encounter difficulties in finding work. This happens both in the world of work and in personal education and training. Precisely for these reasons, the professional system of the Lazio Region has established the PFI, an acronym which stands for Individualized Training Paths.

These courses are customized to the needs of the individual student, are free as they are completely financed by the Lazio Region and always include a work placement.

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